Fuel pack, full kit

Fuel pack, full kit


1 Dacoblue green fuel pack
1 lifting harness
4 Dacobluecarabiners
3 types of lid caps
3 Snap-on/snap-off lifting handles
Volume 20L
Dry weight 1kg

The Dacoblue fuel pack is designed to relieve you from the many strains and chores associated with traditional fuel canisters. The material is a CE approved 1200g/m2 fiber reinforced food-grade TPU. Well-known for its rigidity and strengths against wearther, tear, and shock impacts, as well as longe vityin UV light. The kit gives you both, the bag and the custom designed lifting harness that you can quickly attach to your bag to transform it into an ergonomic backpack for transportation of fuel on longer distances.

The kit also includes three types of lid caps, that can be used in different situations, either for tapping or for connecting the bag directly as a consumer to, for example, a drinking tap.

Diameter of the bag’s main valve is 2 inches. Included are two adapter lids that fit 1.5 inch hose and 8mm hose with male connections.

This bag can also hold potable water. However, to avoid confusion and induce risk of mixing tanks we decided to use two designs -one dedicated for potable water and one for fuels.You as the user have can mark the contents of the bag under the lid cap if needed.

Dacoblue shoulder harness

The DacoblueShoulderHarness is designed to workwith Dacoblue packs.

The harness can be mounted quickly by snapping the four carabiners into the dedicated eyelets on the bag.

The harness is also rigidly built withthesame materialyoufind in safety belts for cars, and is designed to be simple, strong and comfortable.

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  • No.: 155521
  • Maat: 20 L
  • e.h.: 1
Fuel pack, full kit